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The mySPIN system enables you to integrate your mobile phone in your vehicle, ensuring distraction-free and safe driving. Depending on the particular infotainment system installed, you can connect your mobile phone to your vehicle via a USB port or Wi-Fi. The app offers a wide selection of familiar, vehicle-optimized smartphone apps. Once you connect your mobile phone, you can operate and use these optimized app versions on the in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) of your vehicle. They include media streaming, cloud-based services, location-based services, and much more. Cloud-based services are not available in China.
To use mySPIN, you will need a compatible infotainment system in the vehicle as well as the mySPIN app for connecting your mobile phone. The mySPIN app can be used on Apple iOS and Google Android and can be downloaded free of charge from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The mySPIN feature must be selected as an option when ordering your vehicle. The mySPIN app is available in the following countries: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA.
There is only a one-time charge for the mySPIN system, because it is installed directly at the factory. You can find out about the exact costs of the feature from the respective dealer. The mySPIN app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.
The following translations are currently available for mySPIN: Arabic, Armenian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English_UK, English_US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai. The mySPIN language automatically matches the smartphone’s default language. The language of the app cannot be changed manually within the app but only in the language menu of the smartphone’s operating system.

Compatibility (Vehicle)

Yes. Simply install the mySPIN app on your smartphone for full access to this feature.
The mySPIN feature must have already been selected as an option when ordering the vehicle, since the hardware can only be fitted directly at the factory. For further information about availability, please contact your car dealer. 

Compatibility (Device)

To use the mySPIN app, you will need a smartphone running iOS or Android. The app works best with the latest operating system. All Apple iPhone models from iPhone 6 running iOS 11.4 or newer are supported as well as many of the popular Android smartphones running Android 5.1.1 or newer. For further information, please contact your dealer.
Yes, every smartphone that has the mySPIN app installed can be connected to one and the same vehicle that supports mySPIN. Though only one device can be connected at any one time.
mySPIN does not currently support tablets.

Compatibility (Operating System)

The mySPIN app works best with the latest operating system. You should always also keep the mySPIN app up to date.
Every effort is made to ensure the mySPIN app is compatible with the latest operating systems. If, however, you encounter problems after updating the operating system, try uninstalling the mySPIN app from your device and then reinstalling it.


You can download the mySPIN app free of charge from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.
You will need a vehicle equipped with the necessary hardware, a smartphone that is supported, and the USB cable that was supplied with your phone. We recommend you purchase a replacement cable only from the manufacturer of your mobile phone. So, for example, you should buy the iPhone Lightning cable from Apple. In the case of the Wi-Fi variant, it will only be necessary to have a USB cable for charging.
The vehicle home screen can be customized in the mySPIN app. While disconnected, press and hold the respective app icon until it enlarges slightly. Then move it to the position you want on your preferred vehicle home screen. You can set up several home screens. If the desired new position for the app is already occupied by another app, that app will be replaced by the new one. After connecting to the vehicle, the icons will appear in their new layout.
No, you only need your Apple or Google account in order to install the mySPIN app from the respective store. You may, however, have to create an account for third-party apps from other vendors in order to be able to use them optimally or use them at all.


First make sure the mySPIN app on your mobile phone is open; then connect the phone to the infotainment system via USB or Wi-Fi. You will now be in “vehicle mode” and can only operate your mobile phone via the infotainment system. Your mobile phone displays the mySPIN connection icon. After connecting for the first time, iOS users will have to complete an additional registration process in order to use the apps. As long as the registration process has not yet been completed, the apps will appear grayed out. Tap on the app on the home screen and follow the instructions. You only have to complete the registration process once – you will not have to perform it again, even if you uninstall and reinstall the mySPIN app.
Whether a Bluetooth connection is required between the smartphone and vehicle depends on the vehicle manufacturer as well as the vehicle model. A Bluetooth connection is, for instance, required for audio playback (e.g. music playback and navigation announcements).
If Wi-Fi is not used, the smartphone must be connected via a USB cable, primarily in order to ensure the apps can be displayed and user input is transmitted.
We recommend you only use the original cable from your mobile phone manufacturer as the connection cable. Particularly in the case of the iPhone, you should purchase the Lightning cable from Apple.
Yes, the device will charge while it is connected via USB. Even when using the Wi-Fi variant, we recommend connecting the phone to a USB port to enable charging.
When connecting your phone to your vehicle, make sure of the following:
- Your device is unlocked
- Covers and flip cases must not be closed (some automatically lock the phone when closed)
- If no Wi-Fi connection is used, your phone is connected to the USB port via the USB cable (see icon in the status bar)
- If no USB connection is used, your phone is connected to the vehicle over Wi-Fi
- Quitting all apps except the mySPIN app may help
If you continue to have problems, please contact the support service provided by the respective manufacturer and check whether your mobile phone is compatible.
When connecting your smartphone, please ensure the following: Your device is unlocked. Furthermore, if no Wi-Fi connection is used, your phone must be connected to the USB port via the USB cable (see icon in status bar).

No, in the case of Android smartphones, you can select “Always allow” when the respective prompt is displayed. The app will then always open automatically. In the case of iPhones, the system will display a prompt asking you to allow the app to open (if the app is not already running).

Please note that your phone will need to be unlocked for the connection.

The smartphone cannot be used while it is connected to the vehicle, because the phone unit automatically switches to “vehicle mode”. This is a safety feature to reduce driver distraction.
When connecting to the vehicle, make sure your device is unlocked (i.e. your apps are available and no PIN, password, or other unlocking steps are necessary). Also make sure that the smartphone is correctly connected to the vehicle’s USB port and you are using a high-quality USB cable, i.e. usually the one supplied by the manufacturer of your smartphone. If the connection still does not work, please check whether your device is compatible.


The first time you open the mySPIN app, you will be provided with an introduction and can configure your mobile phone with the app. You must first agree to the EULA policies – by doing so, you are also authorizing access to the calendar and contacts data and to location services. In the upper window of the main menu, you will see the installed and compatible apps as they are displayed on the home screen in your vehicle. The apps for calendars, maps, contacts, and music are pre-installed and access the calendar content, contacts, and music on your mobile phone. A list of apps available in your country is displayed further down in the section entitled “More Apps”. Newly available apps are labeled as “New”. The filter function on the right-hand side allows you to display only the newly available apps or all the apps. If you want to install an app from the list, tap on the app you want. You will be automatically connected to Apple’s App Store or Google Play. It is only possible to see the full list of available apps while your mobile phone is not connected, i.e. while you are in “phone mode”. In the “Options” menu, you will find the latest news, settings, and a brief introduction to using the app.
No. The initial setup is required to ensure your device is correctly integrated with mySPIN and you have been informed about the various permissions that are necessary for mySPIN.
Yes, the mySPIN app uses mobile data communication in order to display any content of apps that is provided online. Some apps do not need a connection.
If you are using mySPIN in an area with poor network coverage (e.g. remote rural areas), the apps will display a notification if a data connection is required for a requested function. 
In the “Settings” section of the iOS mySPIN app, you can also give mySPIN access via the “Music” app to the music files stored in the cloud. To do so, activate “Cloud music”. Playback may be limited when network coverage is poor or lacking.
The input type depends on the infotainment system. mySPIN can be operated using a controller and buttons as well as with touch gestures. Furthermore, it should be possible to use the steering wheel remote control for selecting music.

In order to activate certain mySPIN functions, the mySPIN app and/or apps from other vendors may process technical data about your smartphone (model and operating system), your vehicle (type, model, or VIN), the mySPIN app configuration, or your smartphone’s GPS data. This data is sent in such a way that, unless otherwise specified, it cannot be traced back to the owner or user of the smartphone or the respective mySPIN user.

You will find further information about the mySPIN privacy policy in the mySPIN app (Menu > About > Legal information).

You can download the mySPIN app over a cellular data connection or over a Wi-Fi connection. We do, however, recommend you use a Wi-Fi connection to reduce data costs and ensure a reliable connection.
You can use the vehicle finder function to store your vehicle’s position. You can save it manually in “phone mode” or automatically by disconnecting the mySPIN connection. You can take a photo of the location where you left your vehicle, you can jot down a note (e.g. the number of the parking space), and you can navigate back to your saved location.
You can find the version of the installed mySPIN app in the “Options” menu (top left). In the menu, select “Information” and then “Version”. The version of the app is specified in the third section.
First make sure the volume of your audio system (i.e. vehicle system and smartphone) is not set to zero or too low. Then check that your smartphone is correctly paired via Bluetooth. You can access the Bluetooth menu by opening the “Settings” menu (the gear icon on your smartphone). Then select “Bluetooth”. The system will then display whether your phone is paired with the vehicle or not.
You should stow your smartphone near the vehicle’s USB port – depending on the vehicle model and storage options in the vehicle, you could stow it, for example, in the glove compartment or in the front storage compartment. Operating the phone is not possible and is not necessary.
This is due to an Apple security feature. If your phone call lasts longer than the time set in the “Auto-lock” settings, the phone lock will be activated even if the phone is connected to mySPIN. You can change the settings on your iPhone so that “Auto-Lock” is never activated. Select “Never” in your phone’s “Auto-lock” settings. Please note that under certain circumstances, it is not possible to select “Never” in the “Auto-Lock” settings, e.g. if your iPhone is a company phone and the configuration requires that a PIN be entered in order to unlock it. 
All apps have been optimized for use while driving. Some functions may, however, be deactivated while the vehicle is moving. You should always be aware of the dangers of distraction if you concentrate on the screen for too long. Moreover, some of the functions or features of the smartphone version may not be available in the mySPIN version for safety reasons.
In the case of the iPhone, this is an Apple security prompt that is required when the device is connected to the vehicle. You can prevent it by opening the mySPIN app on your iPhone before you connect the phone to your vehicle. On Android devices, the prompt also displays a check box that you can use to prevent prompts from being displayed in future when connecting to the vehicle. 
When you activate the voice control function, your phone triggers a virtual phone call so that it can access the vehicle’s microphones. This does not result in any phone charges being incurred.
As soon as you have connected your mobile phone to the infotainment system you will be shown the configured vehicle home screen that you selected in the mySPIN app. Swipe left or right to switch between the home screens. You can open an app by tapping the desired app. To exit the app, use the arrow at the top left of the display.


Newly available apps are labeled as “New” within the mySPIN app. You can furthermore use the filter function to list only the newly available apps. The list of newly available apps is updated regularly and displayed automatically in the mySPIN app.
All the apps that are available for your configured region can be found in the mySPIN app under “My apps”.
Open the mySPIN app on your smartphone and scroll through the “More apps” list until you find the app you want to install. When you select the app, you will be directed to Apple’s App Store or Google Play, depending on the device you use. Download and install the app as usual. The newly installed app will now appear in the “My vehicle apps” section and will be available the next time you connect the smartphone to your vehicle.
If you change the region in the mySPIN app’s options, you will be able to see apps that are available to users in other regions. You can only download these apps if they are also available in your region. Please note that the availability of an app does not guarantee that it will also be available in your preferred language. For legal reasons, please only use apps that are displayed in your region.
Only apps that have been specially adapted for in-vehicle use and that have gone through the approval process are available for use with mySPIN. 
The mySPIN app can be obtained free of charge from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Some apps from other vendors may require a subscription or in-app purchase or may need to be purchased.
You can display the mySPIN home screen by pressing the home button (may vary depending on the manufacturer). From there, you can select other apps.
Most smartphones offer the facility to update apps automatically via Wi-Fi or to inform the user when new updates become available. Updates are installed as usual via the respective app store.
Any questions concerning the functions of an app should be directed at the respective app vendor.

Service / Support

If you experience problems, please contact our support team by e-mail at:
If you want to make your app compatible with mySPIN and make it available for downloading via the mySPIN app, please contact us by e-mail at: